A. Privacy Policy


Your use of our website constitutes your acceptance of the following terms of our website Privacy Policy, as amended or revised by us. You should therefore review this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure that you are aware of its terms.

This Privacy Policy describes the information that we collect through our website and how we use that information. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or how your personal information may be used or affected by your use of our website, please contact us at stech7159@gmail.com


You do not have to provide personal information to use this website. However, certain services which you may subscribe for through this website may require you to provide personal information, such as your name, address, email address and other contact information. We use such personal information to respond to your inquiries and to send you newsletters, product information, updates and other related information of S TECH VINA CO., LTD. and its affiliated companies. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive mailings from us, please refer to the paragraph below headed ‘Opt Out’.

In addition, and as is typical of websites generally, incidental to your use of this website, our web server may automatically log certain information such as the name of your Internet service provider, the IP address of the computer you are using, the type of browser software and operating system that you use, the date and time you access our website, the website address, if any, from which you linked directly to our website, the website address, if any, to which you travel from our website, and other similar traffic-related information. We may also aggregate information relating to your and other visitors’ traffic patterns. We use the foregoing information to help us improve our website and the services that we provide through the website. We do not use such data in any way to create or maintain a personal profile of you or to collect personal information from you.

Generally, we will not disclose information we collect through your use of our website to third parties. We reserve the right, however, to provide such information to our employees, contractors, agents, and designees to the extent necessary to enable them to perform certain website-related services (e.g., web hosting or maintenance services) on our behalf. We also reserve the right to disclose such information to any third party if we believe that we are required to do so for any or all of the following reasons: (i) by law; (ii) to comply with legal processes or governmental requests; (iii) to prevent, investigate, detect or prosecute criminal offences or attacks on the technical integrity of the website or our network; and/or (iv) to protect the rights, property, or safety of S TECH VINA CO., LTD (“S TECH’), the users of the website, or the public.


A cookie is a small data file that websites often store on your computer’s hard drive when you visit their sites. A cookie may contain information, such as a unique user ID that websites use to track the pages of the sites you’ve visited. We use cookies but do not store personally identifiable information in your cookie. Through our use of cookies, we also track and maintain the identity of the website you visited immediately prior to visiting our website. We do not otherwise track any information about your use of other websites.

You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. If you turn off cookies, though, we will not be able to track your order to enable you to purchase from our site. Nor will we be able to recognize you as a registered user, which may not allow you to access your account information.


If you no longer wish to receive materials from us or want your personal information removed from S TECH’s database, please contact us at stech7159@gmail.com. Alternatively, when you receive materials from us by e-mail or other communications, you can make use of the “opt out” provision in such communications so that we know that you no longer wish to receive such materials from us.

You can review, change or delete certain personal information related to your use of our online sites (e.g., name and contact information). To review, change or delete your personal information, please contact us by calling 0899 959 053 or Hotline 0898.067.159 or writing us at the contact information provided below. Please be sure to include your full name and the e-mail address you used when you registered with or made a purchase from us. Please note that any requests to update your personal information may take up to 6-8 weeks to process.


The Internet and the benefits it offers are evolving rapidly, as are the ways in which people use the Internet and the laws surrounding such use. S TECH therefore reserves the right to update and revise this Privacy Policy at any time. You can determine if this Privacy Policy has been revised by referring to the “Last Updated” date at the top of this page, or if you send us an e-mail at  stech7159@gmail.com, or by contacting S TECH at the following address:

​​Nol 28E, Tang Bat Ho Street, Ward11, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


This website may contain links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not and cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites and that this Privacy Policy applies solely to the information which we collect through this website. We encourage you to ensure that you read the privacy statements of all the destination sites which you visit.

B. Terms & Conditions

1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance

S TECH VINA CO., LTD. (‘S TECH’) provides the use of the S TECH website (‘Web Site/ Website’) to you, conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of the following terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’). Please review these Terms and Conditions carefully. By using this Website, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree or do not wish to abide by these Terms and Conditions, you may not use this Website or download materials.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All contents, text, images, data, information and other material (‘Content’) displayed, available or present on this Web Site, including any trademarks or copyrights, are the property of S TECH or the designated owner and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws. You agree not to infringe upon or dilute any intellectual property of S TECH, as well as not to remove or modify any trademark, copyright or other proprietary notice appearing on this Website. You are not allowed to link to, reproduce, sell, publish, distribute, modify, or display this Website or any Content without the prior written permission of S TECH.

3. Authorized and Prohibited Uses

You will comply with all applicable laws in connection with your use of this Website. S TECH may in its sole discretion modify, edit, translate, suspend, restrict access to or terminate this Website, these Terms and Conditions, the Content or any link at any time without liability or prior notice. S TECH may in its discretion terminate your browsing and use of this Website at any time without liability or prior notice for any reason, including for any breach of these Terms and Conditions. In the event you link this Website to another web site to which S TECH objects, upon notice of such objection from S TECH, you agree to immediately discontinue such link. Moreover, you agree that no link shall be made to any page or frame of this Website except to the first or top page. S TECH charges no fee at this time for browsing or using this Website, but reserves the right to impose or modify fees in connection with the browsing or use of this Website at any time without liability or prior notice.

4. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers

Any and all content appearing on this Website is provided for informational purposes only. Any products of S TECH and/or its affiliated companies are subject to the standard warranty of S TECH and/ or its affiliated companies and other terms and conditions of sale in the sales agreement between S TECH and the purchaser. This Website, its content and its links are provided on an “As Is” and “As Avaiable” basis and are used only your sole risk, to the fullest extent permissible by law. S TECH and its affiliated companies disclaim all warranties, express or implied, of any kind, regarding this website (including its content, hardware, software and links), including as to fitness for a particular purpose. merchantability, title, non-infringement, results, accuracy, completeness, accessibility, compability, sercurity and freedom from computer virus. S TECH and its affiliated companies will not be liable for any damages or losses, including direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages and/or lost profits, in connection with use of the internet, this website, its content or its links.

5. Indemnification

You will defend, indemnify and hold harmless S TECH and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees and contractors from any demands, claims, damages, liabilities, expenses or harms, including attorneys fees, arising in connection with your use of this Website, online conduct, breach of these Terms and Conditions or dealings or transactions with other persons resulting from use of this Website.

6. Applicable Law and Forum

This Website, these Terms and Conditions and any disputes arising in connection therewith shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam without regard to its conflicts of law principles. Any dispute arising out of or in relation with this Web Site or these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by arbitration at the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) in accordance with its Rules of Arbitration. The place of arbitration shall be Hanoi and the language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English.

7. Responsibility of Login ID and User Information

You agree that you will be responsible for maintaining any Login ID information (which shall include without limitation, passwords, unique user identifications, specific user Login ID information and all other information used in connection with any S TECH issued Login ID) as confidential and for any activity that occurs as a result of your enabling or permitting another person or entity to use your Login ID. You agree to immediately notify us in the event that (i) your Login ID is lost or stolen, or (ii) your Login ID or a corporate user Login ID for which you are responsible requires immediate termination due to the resignation and/or termination of any employee or agent; and (iii) you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Login ID or of any other breach of security that might affect the Website. However, your notification to S TECH of any lost or stolen Login ID information, the termination of any S TECH Login ID or unauthorized use of your Login ID will not necessarily limit or eliminate your liability with respect to any damage, claims, and/or charges resulting from the use or misuse of this Website.

8. Miscellaneous

You represent and warrant that you are authorized to enter into these Terms and Conditions on behalf of any entity which you represent. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and supersede any prior agreement or communication. These Terms and Conditions may only be modified by S TECH, at its sole discretion. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. Your obligations pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall survive termination of this Website, any use by you of this Website and any Content, or these Terms and Conditions.

C. Other Policies

1. Payment Method

Transaction process on the Website

– The steps involved in the shopping process of customer on the Website of the customer will take place in the following order:

Step 1: Place an order – please give us your full & trustful information.

Step 2: S TECH wiil contact you to consult/ confirm your requirement.

Step 3: Sign a contract and S TECH will deliver the commodities as negotiated.

Step 4: Commodities Checking

For the further information, please contact to S TECH’s hotline 0899.959.053 (Vietnamese)/ 0902.920.500 (Korean/ Chinese/Japanese)  or send any email to our supported email: stech7159@gmail.comstechvina1@gmail.com/ graphine@naver.com

Our sales staff or customer care group will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Delivery Method

For the further information, please contact to S TECH’s hotline 0899.959.053 (Vietnamese)/ 0902.920.500 (Korean/ Chinese/Japanese)  or send any email to our supported email: stech7159@gmail.comstechvina1@gmail.com/ graphine@naver.com

3. Warranty Policy

3.1. Warranty Standard

All warranties on products (the “Products”), that are listed in the catalogs issued by S TECH VINA CO., LTD. (“S TECH”) or available on S TECH’s website (collectively the “Catalog”) and purchased by the Customer from S TECH, are based on the Terms and Conditions of Sale and the following warranty provisions (this “Warranty”). Please note that this Warranty does not apply to special orders.

By purchasing or using the Products, the Customer is deemed to have agreed with this Warranty, regardless of any other warranty provisions the Customer may have with S TECH regarding the Products.

Some of the Products come with a manufacturer guarantee certificate or warranty. In this case, please be aware that the manufacturer guarantee certificate or warranty will supersede this Warranty and this Warranty will not be applicable.

3.2. Scope and Period of Warranty

1. With respect to the Products purchased by the Customer, S TECH will replace all or part of the Products or repair the Products free of charge if it is deemed there is any damage, deformation or defects to the Products (the “Defects”) that are attributable to S TECH, on the condition that (i) written notification stating sufficient details of the Defects, satisfactory to S TECH, reaches S TECH within the warranty period (defined in the following clause), and (ii) S TECH acknowledges the Defects are attributable to S TECH.
Provided, however, that the following cases are outside of the scope of the warranty.

(1)Defects caused by use of the Products in any way other than as a part of general industrial use. Under this Warranty, general industrial use means use as a component of general production equipment or for commercial use or industrial application, but does not include transportation devices with the purpose of transporting humans such as automobiles, vehicles, or ships, medical equipment with the purpose of curing and diagnosing humans, or consumer goods that are used in general households such as electronic and electric equipment.

(2)Defects caused by use of the Products in aerospace equipment, nuclear energy equipment, or military-related products such as weapons or arms.

(3)Defects caused by recklessness or error in the Customer’s handling of the Products.

(4)Defects caused by natural disasters (including, without limitation, earthquakes, fires and floods).

(5)Defects caused by failure to comply with the specifications, intended uses, instructions and warnings, conditions of use, drawings or other matters relating to the Products that are provided in the Catalog; or with any notice or other description in documentation that comes with the Products (or its accessories).

(6)Defects caused by the Customer itself processing, repairing, modifying or disassembling the Products.

(7)Defects caused by equipment other than the Products.

(8)Defects caused by use of the Products outside Vietnam.

(9)Defects caused by using the Products for untested or unanticipated purposes or in untested or unanticipated ways.

(10)Defects caused by the Customer using the Products in violation of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

2. The warranty period applicable to the Products under this Warranty is one (1) year from the day S TECH ships the Products.

3. Minor flaws such as scratches, marks, dents or discoloration that do not make the Products unusable do not constitute Defects. Provided, however, that if S TECH acknowledges any flaws such as scratches, marks, dents or discoloration to be particularly significant, such flaws will constitute a Defect.

4. Within one (1) week of receipt of the Products the Customer shall confirm the name and quantity of the Products, check that the specifications of the Products match those listed in the Catalog and that there are no Defects in the Products. If there is any Defect, the Customer must give written notification to S TECH, from which the Customer purchased the Products, within one week. Please note that S TECH may deem that the Products have no Defects under warranty if it does not receive notice within one (1) week of receipt of the Products.

5. The Customer will be charged for all replacements and repairs of the Products that take place after the warranty period, that are outside the scope of warranty, or are otherwise not subject to this Warranty. In certain cases, repair or replacement may not be possible due to the nature, production date or specification of the Products.

3.3. Disclaimer

1. Other than as expressly provided in the Terms and the Conditions and this Warranty, or otherwise stipulated by applicable product liability laws, S TECH will not be liable in any way for any damages (regardless of whether such damages are direct or indirect, or general or special), losses or expenses arising in relation to Defects of the Products. Damages arising in relation to Defects of the Products include damages caused by Defects in manufactured goods using the Products, damages caused by recall of the Products or any manufactured goods using the Products and damages arising from inability to use the Products include damages caused by a suspension of any production line in the Customer’s factories or production facilities.

2. The maximum liability of S TECH for damages arising out of or in connection with Defects of the Product shall be limited to the actual amount paid by the Customer to S TECH for the Products in Defects. In no event shall S TECH be liable for any special, consequential or tort damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from any loss of profits.

3. In case S TECH is not the manufacturer of the products or otherwise does not fall within the scope of applicable product liability laws, the Customer will seek damages under such product liability laws from the manufacturer of the products.

4. In particular, S TECH will not be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with any of the following cases.

(1)Use of the Products by the Customer in violation of precautionary notices, warnings or any other provision contained in Terms and Conditions, Catalogs, manufacturer guarantee certificate or warranty

(2)Defects in the Product caused by the willful misconduct or negligence of the Customer

(3)Defects in the Products caused by force majeure

(4)Infringement of any patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of a third party arising in relation to the Products

(5)Exportation of the Products or delays in or prohibition of exportation of the Products due to laws or ordinances, or regulations

3.4. Terms of Use

1. This Warranty only applies to the purchase and use of the Products within Vietnam, and is not applicable outside of such country.

2. Under this Warranty, S TECH may request the Customer return the products that need to be repaired or replaced to S TECH. Please be aware that S TECH cannot send employees to the Customer to repair or replace the Products.

3. Production and sale of the Products may be suspended at the discretion of the original manufacturer. Please be aware that in this case it will not be possible to replace the Product with the exact same product.

S TECH may revise, modify or amend this Warranty (“Amendments”) and will set forth such Amendments in the Catalog or on the website of S TECH. If the Customer orders the Products after such Amendments, the Customer will be deemed to have approved such Amendments.

4. Return Policy

Please contact S TECH’s Customer Service on any requests. Please note that shipping charge to return the products to S TECH or to the location S TECH specifies is at the customer’s expense.