What is an infrastructure machine?

  • Specialized air conditioner concentrates large and hot space such as factories and factories.

  • Used in many different high temperature environments such as factories, kitchen stoves, manufactured products … Completely composed as air-conditioners, workshop chillers with outstanding cooling features, Can move easily.

  • In particular, for spaces that need to be cooled at high places, or for small spaces, refrigeration pipes can be extended to use in many different ways.

Product features

  • Control panel is conveniently installed, anyone can manipulate and check the status of the machine easily.

  • During operation, the machine will self-diagnose the machine status so that problems can be detected and suspended, problems arising will be indicated on the control panel.

  • The device works well even in environments with high temperatures and humidity.

KSA – 3000D

Cooling capacity: 12900 BTU

KSA – 5000D  (2 Hole)

Cooling capacity: 20850 BTU

KSA – 5000D (3 Hole)

Cooling capacity: 20850 BTU